ACSYNAM in 2016 Slush Skolar Award Competition

The ACSYNAM team are semi-finalists in the 2016 Slush Skolar Award Competition in Helsinki, Finland November 30-December 1, 2016. Cristina Mottillo will be pitching to compete for 100,000 euros to support ACSYNAM’s scCO2 technology for clean production of metal-organic frameworks. ACSYNAM’s team was chosen among scientists and entrepreneurs globally, to be one of the ten …

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Un environment cites ACSYNAM as case study

ACSYNAM, Inc. and its technology were presented among 14 chosen start-ups at the Advancing entrepreneurship and start-up initiatives for sustainable chemistry: Learning from case studies on September 14, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Organized by the UN Environment, International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative centre (ISC3), and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO),

Aspira Scientific includes ZIF-8 in catalogue

ACSYNAM has partnered with Aspira Scientific to sell ZIF-8 through the their online chemical catalogue. You can now purchase ZIF-8 in 5 g or 10 g quantities directly from Aspira here. Also available through Aspira are our exclusive MOF ligands 2-vinylimidazole and 2-trifluoroimidazole. These ligands can be modified right in your lab and can be found here in the Aspira catalogue.

ACSYNAM technology highlighted in global news articles

ACSYNAM’s next generation fuels, developed at McGill University , were highlighted in several news outlets this past month. The articles highlighted ACSYNAM’s platform of MOFs being commercialized as new alternatives to conventional rocket and in-space propellants. Check some of the articles out here: